Bandai / Banpresto One Piece Treasure Cruise Nefeltari Vivi Figure / Statue.

Banpresto: One Piece Treasure Cruise Nefeltari Vivi Figure / Statue

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The princess of Arabasta has a brand new look at the Grandline! This Vivi figure is modeled after her look and style found in the videogame One Piece: Treasure Cruise. This anime figure beautifully shows Vivi in a bright red dress while posing with here weapon of choice: the longer range Kujakki String Slashers. This 8'' figure also pairs great with Phantom princess Rebecca figure. Bring the princess home to add to your One Piece figure collection now! 


  • Box Size- L 6inch X W 4inch X H 8inch
  • Figure Size- 8inch
  • Figure Weight: 1.0 lbs.
  • One plastic string
  • Manufactured by Banpresto | Bandai

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