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McFarlane Toys: DC Multiverse Dark Nights Death Metal Batman Action Figure

McFarlane Toys: DC Multiverse Dark Nights Death Metal Batman Action Figure

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In the name of his slain parents, Bruce Wayne wages eternal war on the criminals of Gotham City. He is vengeance. He is the night. He is BATMAN. One of the most iconic fictional characters in the world, Batman has dedicated his life to an endless crusade, a war on all criminals in the name of his murdered parents, who were taken from him when he was just a child. Since that tragic night, he has trained his body and mind to near physical perfection to be a self-made Super Hero. He's developed an arsenal of technology that would put most armies to shame. And he's assembled teams of his fellow DC Super Heroes, like the Justice League, the Outsiders, and Batman Incorporated.

This Action Figure is designed to look like his appearance in the beloved Comic story, Dark Nights: Death Metal. He has 14 points of articulation so you can pose him an endless amount of ways. He also comes with his deadly scythe and can stand on a base so he will stay upright on any flat surface. 

Figure Specifications: 

  • Figure Height: 7 Inches
  • Box Dimensions: 6inch X 2.75inch X 10inch
  • 14 Points of Articulation
  • Accessories: Scythe & Base
  • Collectible Card Included
  • Brand: McFarlane Toys
  • Manufacturer: McFarlane Toys
  • Item UPC: 787926151350
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