Energy & Snacks Sharable Japanese Snack Crate

Energy & Snacks Sharable Japanese Snack Crate

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This Snack Crate is perfect for sharing with friends and family! Directly imported from Japan, you're guaranteed some of the best tasting snacks in large, sharable packs in every box! Additionally, you'll receive a number of constantly changing snacks to accompany your guaranteed nibbles. Free Shipping included!

In each crate you're guaranteed these sharable packs of snacks:
  • Apollo Strawberry
  • Banana Chocolates
  • Kirby Mixed Gum Pack
  • Take no Sato (x2) Strawberry and Chocolate
  • 3 Flavors of Hi-Chews
  • Morinaga Caramels
  • Koikeya Pride Potato Chips
  • 3 Flavors of Cratz Pretzels & Almonds

Additionally, you'll receive plenty of other varying snacks:

  • Giant Caplico Cones
  • 5 Varying Flavors of Mintia Mints
  • Mitsuya Cider Fizzingly Hard Candies
  • Ramune Candies
  • 3 Varying Flavors of Baby Star Noodle Chips
  • Senjaku 100% Japanese Honey Candies
  • Bakauke Senbei Rice Crackers
  • Ginza Caramel Stroop Waffles

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