Energy & Snacks Japanese Sweets Snack Pack

Energy & Snacks Japanese Sweets Snack Pack

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This snack pack is perfect for those with a sweet tooth, imported directly from Japan these candies hard to put down. Perfect for a little taste of home or to send your taste buds on vacation! Perfect to enjoy yourself but there'll be some to go around, each pack is guaranteed certain sweets and FREE SHIPPING!

Each pack contains:

  • 3 Flavors of Hi-Chew Taffy (8 pieces each flavor)
  • Morinaga Caramels ( 1 box:18 pieces)
  • Apollo Strawberry Chocolates (1 box)
  • Banana Chocolates (1 box)
  • Various Cola Character Gum (Pokemon, Mario, Dragonball) (9 pieces)
  • Take no Sato Strawberry & Chocolate (2 boxes)
  • Kirby Mixed Gum Pack (1 pouch)

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