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Banpresto: QPosket Petit One Piece Nami Mini Figure / Satue

Banpresto: QPosket Petit One Piece Nami Mini Figure / Satue

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Nami is the second member to join the Straw Hat Pirates and acts as their navigator. She originally sailed with the Arlong Pirates but left to join the Straw Hats. She originally joined Luffy's crew to rob them but decided to stay as a crewmember when they revolted against the Arlong Pirates. Her dream is to draw a map of the entire world. Her current bounty is $66,000,000.

This small figure of Nami is part of Banpresto's Petit QPosket line. She is a very small figure and is designed with a very kawaii aesthetic. Her eyes and head are oversized and give her an even cuter look. She is wearing a white blouse and red skirt. She stands on a base so she will stay upright on any flat surface you display her on. 

Figure Specifications: 

  • Figure Height: 3.25 Inches
  • Box Dimensions: 3inch X 2inch X 4inch
  • Accessories: N/A
  • Brand: Banpresto
  • Manufacturer: Bandai
  • Item UPC: 819996101147
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