Attack on Titan | The Loyal Subjects | Series 1 Action Vinyl Blind Box.

Attack on Titan | The Loyal Subjects | Series 1 Action Vinyl Blind Box

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New Products available at The Grand Line! Officially licensed by The Loyal Subjects, each box of these action vinyls contains a random figure of a character from the hit series Attack on Titan. With a purchase of one of these you have the chance to buy a super rare figure.  Each vinyl figure is fully posable and comes with multiple accessories to add some pizzazz to your collection! Each figure is 3.2’’ in height. Take your chances and pick up a box of an Attack on Titan Action Vinyl. Start your collection or add to your already existing one, NOW at The Grandline!

Attack On Titan Series 1 Blind Box May Include: 

  • Eren Jaeger- Common 
  • Mikasa Ackerman- Common
  • Captain Levi- Common
  • Annie Leonhart- Common
  • Reiner Braun- Common
  • Eren Jaeger Flocked- Common
  • Eren Titan Form- Uncommon
  • Annie Leonhart Titan Form- Uncommon
  • Eren Cleaner Uniform- Rare
  • Captain Levi Cleaner Uniform- Very Rare
  • Eren Jaeger Metallic- Legendary!!!
  • Eren Jaeger Gold- Legendary!!!


  • Box Size-  L 3.5inch X W 2.5inch X H 4.0inch

  • Figure size- 3inch
  • Adjustable joints

  • No base included

  • Manufactured by the Loyal Subjects
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