ABY Style Goblin Slayer Anime 2 Poster Pack

ABY Style: Goblin Slayer Poster Pack

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Deck out your room and show your love for Goblin Slayer with this awesome pack of posters! The pack comes with two posters. One poster with the mighty Goblin Slayer himself, and the other with each party member on it: The Goblin Slayer, The Priestess, The High Elf Archer, The Dwarf Shaman, & The Lizard Priest. Be sure to protect the lands from the greedy goblins and pick up a pack today, at The Grandline USA!


  • Poster Box Dimensions- L 2inch X W 2inch X H 16inch
  • Posters Included X2
  • Poster Dimensions- 20.5inch X 15inch
  • Manufactured by ABY Style
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