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The Grandline USA: Why Shop with Us for Anime Figures & Merch?

If you are reading this, chances are you are a dedicated Otaku. One of the best ways to take pride in this is to indulge yourself in some amazing Anime merch. That can be a pricey endeavor and it is key to shop for merchandise at a place you can trust. Not every store deserves your hard-earned cash, after all. Sure, you can find all your Otaku needs on Amazon, big retail chains, and other run-of-the-mill online Anime stores. Wouldn’t you rather shop with a store that knows about the Anime world, though? A store where EVERY employee is passionate about Anime? Of course you do! 

That is why the team at The Grandline USA decided to open its doors to you. We wanted to take our Otaku knowledge and give our fellow Anime lovers the perfect place to get all things Anime. This is certainly not the only thing that goes into providing the best experience. So, let me tell you why you should be setting sail at The Grandline USA! I want to share with you how dedicated and passionate we are in offering our store to you, how attractive and fun our Brick and Mortar is and where you can find us, and the amazing perks we offer you when shopping in store or online. So if you need some new Anime and Pop Culture Merchandise, keep reading and find out why The Grandline USA is your new store for all things Anime. 

Our Dedicated Staff

Our specialty at The Grandline USA is offering you the hottest and best Anime merch, especially Anime Figures and statues. The entire team at The Grandline USA is passionate and dedicated to Anime. But how does this help you out when shopping for Anime? Our passion and knowledge for Anime are the foundations for our store. We have been watching Japanese Anime for years and we are confident in saying we know what we are talking about. This trickles down into how we decide what we are going to put in our store. Every product we have that comes from an Anime Series, we are well versed in the lore, the Anime characters, how popular it is, and any important detail related to that Anime show. If it is something that looks appealing to us and we do not know about it, we take time to research it before we go ahead and add merchandise from that show to our store. 

This helps us make sure you know exactly what you are buying. On our website, we add detailed descriptions of every product. Other Anime stores online, or stores that sell Japanese Anime Figures offer you a generic description of the product. They tell you the manufacturer, the size of the figure, and the name of the figure. At The Grandline USA, we combine our knowledge of the Anime show or Anime movie and our research into each product to offer you much more than that. Go ahead and see for yourself. Click on any of our gorgeous Anime Figures in our collection and read EXACTLY what you are getting. 

We do this to share our passion for Japanese Anime with you and show you we are serious about this. Why buy a figure from an online store that simply wants to sell it to you because Anime is a trendy thing? We sell it to you because our enthusiasm for Anime is intense and we want to add that to your experience when you are shopping for your Anime merch or are looking for that perfect figure for your Anime Figure collection.

We also spend a great deal of time updating our website to make sure you have a fast, easy, and fun experience while shopping with us online. Not only do we spend time researching our products, making sure we know what we are talking about, and making sure you know every detail, but we make sure our product images are of the highest quality so you can see exactly what you are getting before you make your purchase. 

Our Brick & Mortar Store

Not only can you shop with us online, you can also visit our Brick & Mortar store if you are located near Los Angeles County! As with our website, we take every effort to make sure our store looks as sharp as it can be. Everything is displayed in amazing display cases and shelves so you can see exactly what you are getting. We aim to be the best Anime Figure store and merchandise store and having an incredible storefront is just as important as having a fast and easy to navigate website. Be sure to check us out at 26470 Ruether Ave, Suite 102. You will not regret all of the eye candy we have to show you. 

We also want to make shopping with us in the store as fun as possible. Feel free to chat us up with anything Anime or pop culture related. Test our knowledge on the otaku and weeb world, and you will find we definitely know what we are doing. This can also be beneficial to you when you’re looking for that perfect Anime figure.

One benefit of shopping with us in our store is we can utilize our Otaku knowledge to make sure you make the most educated purchase with us. If you are looking for a new figure but you aren’t sure what you need exactly, come in and ask us! We can tell you all about each figure we have, and any other product we have available. If you are shopping for a loved one or a friend but you aren’t familiar with anything Weeb or Otaku, we can definitely point you in the right direction. We want to make sure you are going to be 100% satisfied with your purchase, and the first part of that is making sure you know every detail about your amazing new Anime figure or piece of awesome merchandise. 

Perks for Shopping at The Grandline USA

We want to make sure shopping with us is worth your time, loyalty, and money. That is why we offer you several promotions and rewards when you decide to choose us for some sweet Anime merch. If you spend $29.99 or more with us on our online store, you qualify for a surprise gift! We try to match your gift with whatever items you purchased and it is a sign of our sincerest appreciation. Once you reach a $29.99 subtotal, the gift will be added to your cart automatically, for free! We also offer free shipping on orders of $50.00 or more! If free shipping is not grabbing your attention yet, then let me tell you about all of our promotions and our rewards program to make sure you get the best prices and deals.

In order to make you a valued customer, we offer several promotions and rewards to you so you can save money by shopping with us. You can go on our website, make an account with us, 

and that will give you access to use a 15% off coupon with your first purchase with us. Just make that account, choose your sweet new Anime figure or any other merch, and at checkout, enter the code “NEWGRAND” for your first-time discount! Making an account also gives you the option to subscribe to our Newsletter. We send these out as often as we can and we love to show off our new products. By having an account with us, you get to see what is new before anyone else. If you’d like to make an account with us now, click here.

Making an account gives you access to one more perk that you can utilize when shopping with us. The account will also let you take advantage of our Rewards Program that we call “Otaku Points.” You can see the bubble on our webpage in the bottom right corner. Once you make an account, be sure to click that bubble and that will unlock the points for you! You can read more about Otaku Points by clicking here but I will give you the gist of it here. Starting with a 500 point bonus for signing up, every dollar you spend with us before shipping will give you five points. 500 points will reward you with a $5 coupon, 1,000 points will reward you with a $10 coupon, and 2,000 points will reward you with a $20 coupon. You are basically getting rewarded for every purchase with us, and who doesn’t want that?

We also offer other promotions to make sure you can get the best deals all year round. Our previous Spring promotion went really well. You were able to select from various Anime Show lanyards and keychains and our customers loved them. We also ran a Spring Giveaway where our First Place winner won a STUNNING All Might Statue from the hit Anime Series My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero). We definitely plan on doing more giveaways in the future, so be sure to follow our Instagram: @thegrandlineusa 

And of course, you can take advantage of some of these online perks directly in our store as well. All sales and promotions are offered to you if you decide to shop with us in our amazing storefront. We can also access your account in our store if you have that set up with us. If you want to use a coupon from the points you have collected from shopping with us, we can go into your account right at the register and apply that coupon on the spot. 

If you are local to where our Brick and Mortar is located, we give you the option to order online with us and you can choose to pick it up in store so you do not have to worry about any shipping fees. Likewise, if you are in Santa Clarita and can’t make it to the store, we offer local delivery to all Zip codes in Santa Clarita and Castaic for a small fee. This is definitely a convenient option for anyone that is around our store, so be sure to keep an eye out for that option when you reach checkout. If you are not close by, we take plenty of time to offer you the best shipping experience. 

Shipping is a very important process for any online store and we do everything we can to excel in this process. Our online store provides you with extremely affordable shipping rates if you have not hit that free shipping minimum. Every product we have is precisely weighed so there are no surprises when you reach a calculation for shipping. Once the order is placed, we package your order with the utmost care. 

Take our Anime figures for example. These are collector’s items and they need to be treated as such. When we get your order ready for shipment, we put your figure in a box that is bigger than the box of the actual figure. We do this so we can pack it tight with packaging materials so nothing can be damaged when it is on its way to you. Essentially, we package your figure with a lot of air packaging to keep it in perfect condition.

The team at The Grandline USA aims to provide you with the best customer service and we want to show our appreciation to you for choosing us over every other store. We want to offer all of these promotions and rewards to you to show that we care about you as a customer. All of these perks are definitely worth taking advantage of so be sure to rep the benefits of all of them.

Set Sail on The Grandline USA!

We hope that by now, you are really considering us as your best option for every Otaku need you have. Whether you want to visit us in store or check us out online, we hope that this in depth description of what we are doing at The Grandline USA is enough to make you a valued customer with us. 

We love Anime and all things Otaku as much as you do. We also know that collecting Anime figures and merchandise is becoming a huge hobby these days and we want to make sure you are going to a store where the team actually knows something about that hobby. So whether you need to add to your existing collection, or you really want to start one, look no further than The Grandline USA! 

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